My Projects

1) Salah 101

A site I made to help Muslims improve their salah and make it more meaningful and fulfilling.

2) Muslim Heroes

A list of Muslims making a difference in the world.

3) The Challenge of Marriage

My thoughts about marriage in Islam and some of the difficulties associated with marriage and how to overcome them.

4) New Muslim 101

A resource for new Muslim reverts.

5) The Islamophobia Report

A project I started to answer the tough questions posed by Islamophobes, if you’re interested in helping out please respond in a comment below with your email address. The report will be a detailed resource for the Muslim community to address issues ranging from terrorism to domestic violence and women’s rights.

6) The Muslim Professional

A resource for Muslims looking to develop their careers, career advice, and job search assistance. The Muslim Professionals is also an non-profit organization/business and marketing consulting service.


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