Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
(In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and most Beneficient). May Allah (God) remove any arrogance within my heart, purify my intentions and grant me the strength, knowledge, wisdom and health to serve those who need help in the best of manners and to the best of my ability. Ameen.

Saud Inam is  a Muslim American activist, social entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and a community organizer. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1999. He is a graduate of the George Washington University where he received his B.A. in International Affairs and Religion. Since moving to the DC metro area beginning as an Education Chair at the GWMSA  he began to assist with various community projects, programs, and initiatives in the area. Later on, he began creating, developing non-profit organizations and assisting various non-profit organizations and small businesses with organizational, marketing and branding strategies. He completed his Master’s in International Business from Concordia University-Irvine. As a part of his International Business program he traveled to China where he conducted research on Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation in China.

Saud is the CEO/Founder of EEI Strategic Consulting, the Executive Director of Muslim Heroes, and also serves as a  board member for the Peaceful Families Project, and is always in search of many more opportunities to help educate, empower and inspire the youth and Muslim American communities in the US.


You can follow me on:

Twitter at: @SaudInam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SabrShukr

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/saud_inam

So What does SabrShukr Mean?

So you may be wondering about what “SabrShukr” means or why I chose those two words. They are two Arabic words: Sabr and Shukr. Sabr means patience and shukr means gratitude. Both of these qualities are needed in order to overcome obstacles in our lives. It is with this message I write my blog posts to encourage and provide some insight others who are facing similar challenges, issues, and problems as I am. With that said…please check out my blog posts and tell me what you think.

I pray they benefit you as they have for me.


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